Fun Tours’ Favorite Educational Field Trips

The itineraries for educational field trips are as varied as the schools that request them, but we’ve provided some basic itineraries for the most popular and timeless destinations.

Washington, DC

Typically, students will visit the historical museums and monuments, but unfortunately, there is no way to see them all in one trip. There are hundreds of museums and monuments throughout Washington DC, so most field trips set out to visit destinations that will relate to the curriculum the students are currently studying.

Sample Itinerary:

10:45 –  Arrive at the National Museum of American History

1:00 – Lunch on the National Mall

2:00 – Visit World War II Memorial, Reflecting Pool, Lincoln Memorial, Martin Luther king Memorial

4:30 – Dinner at West Potomac Park

5:30 – Depart D.C.

The Jamestown Settlement

One of the best ways to explore The Jamestown Settlement is by letting a foundation educator guide your group on an interactive, hands-on tour. Tours are correlated to the Virginia Standards of Learning, National Standards of History, National Curriculum Standards for Social Studies, and Common Core.

Sample Itinerary:

9:30 – Arrive at the Jamestown Settlement

12:15 – Lunch at the Jamestown Settlement

1:30 – Departure

Historical Tours of Richmond

Founded to educate the community about the tragedies of the Holocaust, the Virginia Holocaust Museum strives to memorialize and document the atrocities of World War II.  Through exhibits, programming, and outreach, the Museum uses the history of genocide to teach the dangers of prejudice and indifference. This museum is very sobering and can be disturbing to students.  It is imperative that teachers  help students process what they will see both ahead of time and afterwards.  Check out The Holocaust Museum of Virginia Website for a variety of resources that will support you in this endeavor.  

While at The Science Museum of Virginia, students will tour the Da Vinci Exhibit: Da Vinci Alive. The Experience is a multi-sensory gallery that redefines the traditional approach to Leonardo da Vinci, combining 75 machine inventions and interactive activities with a cutting edge, immersive walk-through cinema experience. The SENSORY4™ cinematic experience invokes a vibrant symphony of light, color and sound to bring to life masterpieces from the Renaissance master in an educational and enchanting display. Guests will marvel at the breadth of Da Vinci’s work, from flying machines and military inventions to anatomical drawings and musical innovations.

Sample Itinerary:

11:30 – Arrive and Tour the Holocaust Museum

1:30 – Walk to lunch at Bottoms Up Pizza

2:30 – Depart for the Science Museum

3:00 – Tour the Science museum including the Dome movie of engineering marvels and the DaVinci exhibit

5:00 – Depart for home

Virginia Aquarium

The Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center is home to more than 10,000 animals. The aquarium features over 800,000 gallons to explore, along with hands-on exhibits, nature paths, and marshlands.

Sample Itinerary:

10:45 – Arrive at the Aquarium and enjoy the self-guided tour

11:30 – Watch the IMAX movie

12:30 – Eat lunch at the Marsh Picnic Pavilion

1:30 – Continue to tour the Aquarium

2:30 – Board the bus for departure

Educational Field Trips