Fun Tours goes Green!



Fun Tours is the first company in Hampton Roads to take delivery of a “green coach”. We have even used green lettering for our logo on our new environmental coach! The engines are equipped with the new mandatory diesel particulate filters to reduce emissions, LED clearance lights, and Halogen headlights. Both coaches run on ultra low sulphur diesel fuel at 15 PPM, down from 500 PPM (Parts per Million). This cuts the particulate matter emissions (or black smoke) by 90% and the oxides of nitrogen emissions by 50%. By running the newest fleet in the Hampton Roads region, along with our detail oriented maintenance program, we are proud to be an industry leader in offering the greenest, most fuel efficient motorcoaches available today!

How we help our business become more green

The Fun Tours’ office staff works a staggered 4 day/work week. Employees have one less trip to make to work therefore, saving fuel. We also save energy by turning off lights when not in use and by using Air Conditioning and Heating temperature set backs during closed times.
  • ‐recycles used office paper.
  • ‐recycles all aluminum and plastic containers from office and coach tours.
  • ‐returns used motor oil and oil filters for recycling.
  • ‐purchases and uses recycled or remanufactured parts and supplies when available.
  • ‐uses biodegradable cleaning chemicals when appropriate.
  • ‐reclaims all refrigerant when servicing coach air conditioning systems.
  • ‐returns used tires for recycling or retreading.
  • ‐is the first tour/motorcoach company in the state of Virginia that has qualified to join the “Virginia Green” program set up by the Va. Dept. of Environmental Quality.
  • ‐was nominated by Motorcoach Industries for United Motorcoach Association’s 2008 “Green Operator” of the year award.
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