Should I Rent A Bus For My Wedding Transportation?

Should I Rent A Bus For My Wedding Transportation?

Picking the Right Wedding Transportation

On your wedding day, you have two priorities – fun and stress-free. You want everyone to have a great time with lots of laughter, but you also want everything to run as smoothly as possible too. When it comes to your wedding transportation, these criteria really do matter! If you have a large group to get from the hotel to the ceremony or from the ceremony to the reception, you might want to consider a bus rental for the fun atmosphere and the stress-free service.

Should I Rent a Bus for my Wedding Transportation?

As you probably assume, not everyone needs a bus to make their wedding day as great as can be, but we recommend considering it if:

  • You have a large group that is unfamiliar with the area
  • Your reception venue is different from where your ceremony is
  • Your guests have been looking forward to catching up with each other

With a reliable charter service and a friendly, dependable driver, you won’t have to worry about anyone having trouble finding the locations and showing up late. If you have family and friends from out of town, a bus rental as your wedding transportation will take the stress off of them (and you) and allow everyone to relax on your big day.

We often find in weddings where the reception is at a different location than the ceremony, some people have difficulty finding the second venue, especially if they’re not from the area. A bus rental allows people not just to relax and not worry about directions, but it allows them to keep riding the excitement of your big day by sharing it with friends and family all around!

What Kind of Bus Should I Rent?

Sometimes, when people think of bus rentals, they only think of those huge 50+ passenger charter buses. That may be just right or it may feel like way too much for your needs. That’s why we have a fleet of buses including 20, 32, 38, and 55 passenger options.

If you only want to move your bridal party and-or family together, the 20 or 32 passenger luxury shuttles will give you all the comfort and convenience you need. If you want to provide your guests with a larger party bus or two, the full size buses will add to their great memories from your big day.

The buses can be chartered for part of the day – like taking the guests to and from the reception – or they can serve your party the entire day – from hotel to ceremony to reception and back again. Whatever you need, we can help!

If you’d like to learn more about bus rental options for your wedding transportation, please feel free to call or contact us via form! We’d be happy to help answer any questions you have to help plan for your big day!