Should I Rent a Bus or a Shuttle?

Shuttle or Charter Bus Rental

Looking for a shuttle or bus rental in Virginia Beach or Norfolk? How do you know if you need a shuttle or a bus?

To help you out, here’s a few questions you should consider.

How Many Seats Do You Need?

You can save a lot of money by getting a vehicle that meets your needs and not overpaying for a bigger vehicle than you need. This may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised at how many people aren’t aware of the various options available.

Many charter companies only have one or two kinds of bus rentals available, resulting in people either uncomfortably cramming into a shuttle that’s too small or overpaying for seats they don’t need.

At Fun Tours, we have multiple seating options to fit your needs. We have two kinds of shuttles: 20-passenger and 32-passenger. Those are in addition to our 38-passenger and 55/56-passenger charter buses.

Make sure you shop around to find a shuttle that most specifically fits your needs while still providing safety, convenience, and a fair price.

Ask About Luggage Space!

With shuttles, you have spacious seating and overhead compartments to stow your luggage. Picture it like a more spacious airplane, but there is no undercarriage storage.

If you travel with more luggage, you should make sure you ask about luggage space. If it’s not likely to fit in the overhead storage and spare seats, you may need to take one step up to a smaller charter bus.

For example, look at our 38-passenger bus. It may only have 6 more seats than our large shuttle, but it does provide undercarriage storage.

Whatever your luggage needs, make sure you know ahead of time what luggage options are available.

Ask About Minimum Trip Time

As businesses go, it’s important to remember that many companies have a minimum time you need to pay for. If you want a 15-minute trip around the corner but just need a lot of seats, you may not want to shuttle a charter.

or example, at Fun Tours, we will accommodate your travel needs with a minimum 6 hour reservation. You may not need the bus or shuttle for your whole reservation, but you will likely need to pay whatever the minimum is.

So make sure you ask about trip minimums when you are making your decision about renting a shuttle or a bus.

Have More Questions?

If you have more questions about if you should rent a shuttle or a bus, feel free to send us a message or give us a call!