The Best Casinos Near Hampton Roads

For those who enjoy gambling, living in the Hampton Roads area (Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Portsmouth, etc.) makes it hard to enjoy the East Coast’s premiere casino experiences. If you’re looking for premiere casinos near Hampton Roads, you might feel out of luck.. The local slots might provide a nice evening now and then, but they don’t deliver the incredible experiences of some of the East Coast’s most exciting casinos.

The problem is that these larger and more exciting casinos require a much longer drive.

Check out our review of the Top East Coast Casinos Near Hampton Roads!

Dover Downs, Ocean Downs, Charles Town Hollywood - Casinos Near Hampton Roads

A New Way to Enjoy the Best Casinos Near Hampton Roads

With the East Coast’s premiere casinos requiring a 3-5 hour trip each direction from the Hampton Roads area, most people don’t make the trip. Most of these people are concerned about the long drive, especially the drive back – between being tired and possibly having enjoyed a drink or two during the day.

Staying safe isn’t a bad thing, but in this case, it keeps people from enjoying the best casino experiences around. If safe, enjoyable, and affordable travel were an option, would you go? Time to get your seat on a casino bus trip!

The Benefits of a Casino Bus Trip

With a casino bus trip, the East Coast’s best casinos suddenly come within reach.

Here’s our list of reasons why people make bus trips their consistent mode of transportation.

1. Buses Provide Safer Travel to Casinos

As we mentioned a minute ago, no one wants to take a 3-5 hour drive at the END of a full day at a casino. That long of a drive while tired from a day of fun is not too safe. Grabbing a seat on a bus to and from a casino is part of our checklist for a safe and enjoyable casino trip for a reason!

2. Casino Bus Trips Are Affordable – Starting at only $30

When a casino is a 3-5 hour drive each direction, you could be paying $30-$60 dollars on gas, depending on your car. Getting a seat on a pre-scheduled casino bus trip with Fun Tours start at only $30. While it might seem like an “extra cost”, it actually can usually be cheaper than the price of gas.

3. Casino Bus Trips Are Much More Comfortable

Some people don’t ever go to the East Coast’s premiere casinos – a day of thrilling games and immersive atmosphere aren’t worth the hours spent on the road. Those hours get uncomfortable and they’re unproductive. You can’t relax or get work done!

All that changes if you hop on one of our buses going to a casino. Besides having the comfort of a luxury bus, you also have wifi, charging ports, and other amenities available to make your trip as enjoyable or productive as you could possibly want.

It’s also great for bringing friends because now, especially if you were going to be the driver, your group can now enjoy conversing or watching videos together unlike if you were going to carpool.

Bus Trips to Casinos Near Hampton Roads

If this you are interested in a casino bus trip, take a minute to look at the 6 Premiere East Coast Casinos we regularly send buses to.

Feel free to call or contact us if you have any questions!