The Best Field Trips in Virginia

Field trips hold so much value for children of all ages; they are the perfect opportunity to expand your horizons and learn outside of the classroom. The hands-on approach to learning will be all they can talk about for weeks before and after your trip. Here’s some of our favorite field trip destinations in Virginia.

Virginia has some amazing offerings from the ocean to the mountains, its place in Colonial and Civil War history, and its proximity to the nation’s capital. The problem is that some of these locations are further away, making the old “yellow bus” at best uncomfortable and at worst, impractical for these trips.

A Note On Renting the Right Bus for your Field trip

With Virginia’s rich offerings for historical and scientific field trips, many schools are limited to our general region because to travel outside of their tight regional radius would be to waste class time or just produce unnecessary headaches. 

At Fun Tours, we provide solutions to many of the difficulties longer trips face. First of all, we provide transportation that is more comfortable and convenient, featuring amenities like on-board lavatories to prevent frequents stops.

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Another perk is that on a Fun Tours bus, our on-board offerings include WiFi, allowing your students to make the most of their time in transit with learning activities to prepare them to get the most out of their engaging visit. Or, if you’re not that optimistic about their focus, we also include DVD entertainment systems that can help keep your fidgety passengers content in transit.

Colonial Williasburg Fieldtrip

Colonial Williamsburg – History Alive Today

Colonial Williamsburg has a rich history as the once thriving capital of Virginia. For 81 years, from 1699 to 1780, it was the political, cultural and educational center of what was once the largest, most populated, and most influential of the American colonies. The colony has been maintained over the years to give visitors an accurate depiction of life during those formative years in American history.

Jamestown Fieldtrip

The Jamestown Settlement – Living, Hands-on History

The Jamestown Settlement is the perfect place to immerse students in America’s first permanent English colony. They can explore recreations of the Powhatan Village and replicas of the three ships that sailed from England to Virginia in 1607, with costumed historical interpreters demonstrating what daily life was like in the early 17th century.

Virginia president home fieldtrip

Virginia Presidents Residences – History Comes Home

Did you know: Virginia is the birthplace of eight presidents and seven of them have homes in Virginia that are still standing. The homes include:

  1. George Washington’s Mount Vernon Estate in Mount Vernon
  2. George Washington’s birthplace, Popes Creek, in Westmoreland County
  3. Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello in Charlottesville
  4. Thomas Jefferson’s Poplar Forest near Lynchburg
  5. James Madison’s Montpelier in Orange County
  6. James Monroe’s Ash Lawn in Charlottesville
  7. William Henry Harrison’s Berkeley Plantation in Charles City
  8. John Tyler’s Sherwood Forest in Charles City
  9. Woodrow Wilson’s Manse in Staunton.

Richmond’s Holocaust Museum

Richmond’s Holocaust Museum

The content of this particular field trip destination is definitely age-sensitive. You probably wouldn’t bring a bunch of first graders here, but as you study this subject in the higher grades, this is a great place to help students take to heart the serious, somber reality they are learning about in the classroom.

The museum opened in Richmond in 1997 and serves as a tribute to the historical and personal accounts of the Holocaust. The museum’s mission is to employ the history of the Holocaust to educate the future generations to fight prejudice and indifference.

  • Address: 2000 East Cary St, Richmond, Virginia 23223
  • Contact: Tel: (804) 257-5400.
  • Website:
  • Hours: Monday–Friday: 9am–5pm || Saturday & Sunday: 11am–5pm
Natural_Bridge field trip

Natural Bridge Nature and History Communities

While the Natural Bridge is definitely a longer drive from the Tidewater area, there’s actually enough educational opportunities to make it worth a retreat, if you’re able to swing it. While the area is known for its limestone gorge with a beautiful expanse of forests, rolling meadows, and vistas of surrounding mountains, there’s so much more!

With over 6 miles of hiking trails, it is easy to access the bridge that leads to the Monacan Village and Lace Falls. Plus there are living history programs that connect the students to the past and discuss how the natives once used the area’s resources for survival.

virginia fisheries field trip

Virginia Fisheries

A great option for biology and geology classes, Virginia Fisheries are located in many counties including Campbell, King and Queen, Smyth, Warren, Nelson, Bath, Wythe, and Craig throughout Virginia so it’s easy to find one near you.

Depending on the water temperatures, you can see a variety of fish like pike, trout, bass, and catfish. The up-close approach to living science will connect with your students, even those who are more disengaged in the classroom!

sandy bottom field trip

Sandy Bottom Nature Park

Sandy Bottom Nature Park located in Hampton, Virginia is a bit of a shorter drive but is nonetheless a worthwhile field trip. The 456-acre park was once devastated by mining pits and garbage dumps but has been revitalized into an environmental education and wildlife management facility.

Planning Your Trip

If you need help planning your next field trip, especially one more than an hour away from your school, let’s talk!

We have taken years of field trips to various locations around Virginia. We can help you pick the best destinations, make the necessary travel arrangements, and provide you would the best, safest transportation available.