What is a bus charter?

What is a charter bus What is a charter bus There can be confusion between the term “tour” and the term “charter”. Here we attempt to address the difference between the two and hopefully clarify the distinction in travel types. The company name Fun Tours implies that we offer tours packages. This is generally not the case with our company.

A tour offered by a travel and tourism company; or a motor coach operator, is this. A tour provider will package and promote specific trips. Organizing the entire trip, making all travel arrangements with transportation partners, making hotel reservations and purchasing tickets to any attractions that trip participant will partake in during their trip. Whereas a bus charter within the motor coach industry is a self-directed, self-paid point-to-point excursion of some length.

A bus charters is arranged and paid for by a private group, albeit a school, church, civic or a private group. Such as a family reunion or wedding. The destination and length of a trip vary greatly based on the groups’ interests. Whether a group is large or small, the group leader makes a bus reservation, usually months in advance. A bus can be secured with a modest bus deposit that’s usually refundable as long as a trip cancellation occurs with more than 30 days advance notice. The group leader then supplies the bus operator with all of the pertinent trip details. That being the date, time and location that the bus will arrive to pick up the group and begin the trip.

Just as if you were going on an organized trip offered by a tour company, your trip is paid for in advance. A bus charter is not different. Final payment for a bus charter is expected about two weeks in advance of your travel and payment can be made by check or credit card.   

Your coach operator will also ask about the return trip and gather information about the date, time, and location of the return. The group leader will be asked to provide a detailed trip itinerary with all of the stops along the way that the group intends to make from beginning to end. The itinerary can be simple or very detailed, but should always include pickup and drop off locations with address and the time that each pickup and or drop off is occurring.

For your convenience a bus trip will include periodic comfort stops for the passengers and driver. These are called in line stops and they usually occur about every 2 ½  hours.  While in route to your destination your driver will make a stop(s) at quick service restaurants as needed.The group may also request a designated restaurant stop along the way.

This information is provided as a guideline as to what goes into a bus most charters. The bus company that you choose to travel with will have its own policies and procedures, however most will follow some form of this protocol from calling for a quote, making a bus reservation to planning and documenting your trip, and finally how your trip will unfold. Check your provider’s website for more specific details and helpful travel and planning information.