Why You Should Charter a Bus For Corporate Transportation

business bus rental

Business travel can be a headache, but not when it comes to business charter bus rental! The charter bus option should be on every corporate trip planner’s mind when it comes to transportation. It is the best combination of convenience, comfort, and cost, saving you from a few gray hairs without hurting the travel budget. Here’s a few of our top reasons!

Corporate Convenience – You’ll Thank Yourself Later

If you have to move a group of people from point A to point B, you have to consider the difficulties or risks involved with the logistics.

Often times, when businesses try to carpool, the handful of various drivers (if you can get enough) are prone to getting lost, having to break off for bathroom stops, and other challenges along those lines.

When businesses fly, not only does it cost way more, but you have to deal with lengthy processes like security, delays, layovers, plus keeping your group together and happy. You have to travel on their terms, not yours.

Charter buses are the happy medium between the two ends of the spectrum. With a charter bus, you keep everyone together in one place and in one vehicle – no worries about anyone getting lost or having to stop separately. You also need to stop less because with spacious seating, a clean on-board lavatory, and amazing amenities, people stay comfortable and occupied for longer trips.

You also don’t have to deal with lengthy security lines, delays, or layovers. A charter bus comes to you, picks you up from wherever you need, and is not dependent on other people’s schedules or needs. They are there for you and you only.

A charter bus lets you plan a trip on your terms, and lets you skip the stress of having too many moving pieces.

Comfort is King for Corporate Travel

When planning corporate travel, never underestimate the power of comfort. When team members are comfortable on the way, productivity increases, team building is more likely, and general morale improves. Having plenty of legroom, creature comforts like WIFI, DVD players, and reclining seats can do wonders for employee’s contentment.

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Cost-friendly Corporate Travel

While the cheapest corporate travel option may be carpooling, that can present quite a few challenges and risks as we discussed above. Next to the DIY option, what’s the most cost effective way to move your team members from point A to point B?

We do a full breakdown of the numbers here, but at the end of the day, chartering can significantly reduce your cost overall and per person. Especially in terms of baggage, you get more options where you aren’t paying per person. You get a flat rate and you can take as much as you can fit in the overhead and undercarriage compartments.

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